Direct BGP Peering with Tier-1 Carriers and ISPs View offer now! Dark Fibre connectivity to 5 Data Centres for a single fixed rate Signup for this offer! Interconnect 5GN Data Centres to improve infrastructure diversity View Launch Offer!

5GN CloudPort

Flexibly create network connections into multiple private and public cloud environments

Private Connectivity

Reliable transit and transport services in metropolitan, national and international locations

Data Centres

Our ISO accredited data centres meet the highest uptime and performance standards

About 5GN Wholesale

5GN Wholesale’s strategic mission is to rebuild the relationships between carriers and wholesalers by tailoring wholesale solutions for your business; 5GN Wholesale is bringing solution flexibility and speed of service to the wholesale market.

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For service providers building a responsive, agile business, 5GN Wholesale is your partner of choice