5GN Wholesale’s Wavelength Solution

5GN Wholesale's Wavelength offers low-cost, long-haul connectivity. Our Wavelength services enable cost-effective connectivity solutions, built for customers who need to solve their growing demand for high bandwidth capacity. Customers can…

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What is IP Transit?

How IP Transit Works Not all internet service providers are able to provide a wide internet reach without incurring huge costs. As part of the wholesale internet connectivity market, IP…

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SaaS Software As A Service

Wholesale Software as a Service Hosting in Australia Software as a Service (SaaS) lets businesses utilise cloud-based apps through the internet, functioning as a pay-as-you-go software solution. When obtaining SaaS…

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ISO Certifications and Business Management Systems at 5GN
Businesswoman Hand working with Standard Quality Control Certification Assurance Guarantee Internet Business Technology Ui.

ISO Certifications and Business Management Systems at 5GN

It’s important to highlight that 5G Networks conducts ongoing audits with our consulting partners for certification activities. They're not only crucial to comply with ISO Standards requirements, but importantly enable…

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Data Centre Reincarnation Tips

The data centre is going through massive change. Taken to one extreme, a Gartner analyst was so bold to say the data centre in its traditional role is dead. However, the more…

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